Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Jemal Products has been at the forefront of the Perth Electronics Metalworking scene for 45yrs. We are very proud of our hard earned reputation for quality products at a reasonable price and excellent turn-around times. We service large and small customers, some of the largest in Australia Including Government Agencies, Mining Industries, Railroads and Electronics Metalworking customers.



At Jemal Products we believe in the “Best Process” for the job, this means we have in house CNC Punching but also use Laser Cutting extensively. A combination which allows us to manufacture using a wide range of materials to a very high standard of accuracy and quality. Complete this with Powder-Coating and Screen-Printing and you have a service that is second to none, meaning your product will stand out amongst the best.
– CAD Design & Drafting
– Precision sheet metal
– Powder coating & plating
– Laser cutting


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